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Creative Agency

Yellow is an advertising agency, as young as Studio Pomegranate. With strong ideas, and is young and energetic. We were called in to redesign a new 530 Sq.ft. office in an old building at Worli, that will be pulled down in a few years. 

This office would be a contemporary, seamless and visually bold space, espousing the design philosophy of Yellow. Budgets were low, and we strategized a low spend on fixed and immovable gestures and a higher spend on furniture, and ensuring a conducive, comfortable atmosphere for everyone. 

Shweta Chhatpar Shah, Pranav Naik, Palak Babel, Salaath Shaikh, Kishorilal, Omprakash Painter, Satish Gangula, Jasraj Carpenter, Apurva India, Imran, Ashfaque



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