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Steel Trader's Office

The space is 800 sq.ft, with a full size window at the North-West. The focus is on the material at hand- Steel. The walls remain bare, ceiling is untreated. Any additions are in colour - Yellow, Red, and Blue;  The rest of the walls are white. The floor is cast without seams or joints, and curves up to the walls. The ceiling is left exposed; Tables are made with solid timber, without treating the edges, and leaving them as cut out of the tree, cabinet doors are plain plywood. Studio pomegranate designed the lighting fixtures and switchboards are made using weathering steel . 

Project team:
Pranav Naik, Shweta Chhatpar, Palak Babel, Nasir Baig, Nisar, Imran, Bharat Panchal.


Images: Kunal Bhatia, Pranav Naik



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