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Colour Theory

Situated in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, captures an ongoing dialogue between Vir Kotak and Studio Pomegranate, illuminating the transformation of color into a profound language of expression. The home, envisioned for Vir, Simran, and their family, emerged from discussions in 2018, prioritizing adaptable spaces over transient aesthetics.


The residence features a dedicated lobby, unveiling an inviting dining expanse, a living room with a fireplace, and a corridor leading to amenities and bedrooms, each adorned with en-suite bathrooms and balconies. Materializing innovation, a bedroom transitioned into a dining area.


Materials, particularly terrazzo and teak, create a foundational canvas, beautifully complemented by creatively layered rugs. Adaptable furniture and strategic design shifts seamlessly accommodate and celebrate the family's evolving art collection. The culmination is a masterful integration of colors, materials, and timeless functionality, embodying the essence of "Colour Theory."


Project team: Pranav Naik, Shweta Shah, Bhakti Kunder, Ambreen Massey, Rameshwar Bhadwa, Rajesh Vishwakarma.


Contractor: SPE construction


Photos: Suryan & Dang, Pranav Naik



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