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Magazine Street Cafe

We at Studio Pomegranate love the space Gauri and Jay have created at Magazine street kitchen, and are regular patrons of the bakery. We were thrilled to know they wanted to add the magazine street cafe to the space at Miss T, and Later Mei 13, where we have had great conversations with amazing cocktails.


An all day cafe meant the space would have to open up to the street, and connect with its neighbourhood. We placed a line of racks on the left wall to display bread. This rack continues in format inside and becomes a bar. We visually opened the space by painting most of its surfaces white, and the racks were polished black. This increased the contrast in the space and makes it feel more lively for an all day space. Finally rearranging the lights helped set the mood for different times of the day.


Project team: Pranav Naik, Ambreen Massey, Gauri Devidayal, Jay Yousuf, Sushant Kule

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